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Interior / Exterior Design Consultancy

Project Brief

The brief was to help the clients design a professional horse stud business whilst also creating a welcoming and comfortable family home. The visitor heading up the front drive would feel a sense of confidence in the business they were investing in and yet feel strangely like staying for a coffee. The genuine and capable manner of the owner /managers being evident from the front gate.

House Entrance

The clients wanted a home that paid homage to the traditional farmhouse whilst acknowledging the sites environmental conditions and providing modern comforts. Wide verandahs were a must from the onset, however the clients also wanted winter sun in the colder months and their home to be light filled. We worked together to determine a verandah depth that would satisfy all aesthetic and environmental wants. The result is a wonderfully light filled home that stays cool in summer and verandahs that beckon the visitor to sit, drink tall lemonades and ponder life.

The entertainment areas face north filling the space with light and warmth with views to the west and sunset. Our client also looks forward to the cooler months to make her much planned garden on the private side of the house into a reality.
Outdoor area with pergola

Entrance to lounge room
Through the front door a traditional sitting room offers welcome comfort to the first time business visitor and privacy for the family.

The clients wanted a traditional farm kitchen that looks over the working area of the stud. Over breakfast the east facing kitchen fills with early light as the clients look out over their work paddocks, sheds and training track planning their day.
Country Kitchen

Butlers Kitchen
The clients being highly organized and efficient a butlers kitchen was essential.

Country Kitchen

Butlers Kitchen
The main work sheds need to be unobtrusive, available to all paddocks and tracks on the property and efficient. They also needed to provide some comforts for workers spending several hours on the property with kitchenette and private amenities.

Despite all their heavy equipment the clients still had personal cars and the usually family clutter. A garage was essential; however the clients wanted it to fit in with the properties rural and agricultural feel.
Country Kitchen

Butlers Kitchen